Survey – Analysis

We analyse your geographical location in situ. We take all the necessary information (frontage dimensions, photographs, and so on) and together we come up with the right solutions for you.


Pilot studies, simulation and pre-projects are the first stages for the visualisation of your sign. These phases are essential for correctly conveying your wishes.

These phases are carried out in our offices by means of software programmes and with the help of our graphic designers.


We are established in Walcourt, in the Province of Namur. We have a fully equipped, 340m² workshop at our disposal.

Indeed, our teams use tools such as panel-punching systems, digital milling machines and MIG+TIG welding stations, for steel and aluminium, in order to implement your projects.


Our teams are multidisciplinary. Their electrical know-how, their knowledge of materials, welding, assembly in workshop or on site is extremely acute.

Our VCA qualifications authorise us to do work and/or create assemblies that are really specific.


We are regularly called upon to carry out programmed maintenance of signs (ours or those of our partners: AXA - LUXAIR, etc.).

So don’t hesitate to consult us for any estimate or annual contract. Our response will be rapid.

Breakdown Services - Cleaning

Consult us.